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Call Centre Services

  • Customer Service
  • Complaint & Transaction Handling
  • Welcome / Activation Calls
  • Payment Reminder Calls
  • Premium Reminder Calls
  • Merchant Enquiries
  • Refund Processing
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Lead Generation
  • Policy Information Calls
  • Verification Calls
  • Retention Calls
  • Sales
  • Collections
  • Recoveries & Skip Tracing
  • Billing Dispute Resolution
  • Loyalty Marketing - Up / Cross - Selling
  • Balance Transfer Services
  • Bank assurance
  • Credit Card Processing
  • FOS Support

Back Office Services

  • Application Processing
  • Data Entry
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Curing
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Mining
  • Data Analytics

Web Based Services

  • Email Response Centre
  • Email Broadcasting
  • E-marketing
  • Online Customer Support
  • Chat Support
  • SMS Campaigns

Data Analytics & Business Excellence

  • Predict customer behavior and determine ‘Agony Threshold’
  • Proactive understanding of customers propensity to churn with insights into Customer Experience
  • Understanding of customers at an individual level and ability to customize services with precision through customer segmentation
  • Increase Cross Sell (data to voice users) and enhance Customer Experience (CX) with need based selling
  • Increase sales and enhance customer experience (CX) by offering relevant choices with advanced segmentation techniques
  • Holistic customer management for future readiness – Customer Life Time Value Model
  • Determine the future profitability & activity of present customers
  • Responses collection, stratification & clean up before analytics
  • Drilling down to Rep, Process and Policies related attributes impacting customer dissatisfaction
  • Six Sigma tools deployment (DOE, Regression, Multivariate, Correlation) to assess the key attributes impacting satisfaction and forecast future scores
  • Arrive at customer acumen from verbatim analysis and derive key Business and competition insights
  • Deploy tools to scan entire call flow and conduct Sentiment analysis, Speech analysis , Talk over analysis to identify improvement opportunities
  • Develop internal form for CSAT assessment and predict future scores
  • Academic Study of businesses such as Decision support system(DSS), Executive information system(EIS) applications
  • Office automation systems (OAS) for automating workflow and eliminating bottlenecks

Artificial Intelligence

  • Voice Recognition
  • Speaker Identification
  • Natural Language supports in 21 regional languages
  • Voice Biometrics


  • Banking & Finance – Allocate AGM Proxies, ATM Cash Verification, Fixed Asset Verification, Process Audit of Vendors to reduce Risk of Outsourcing, Receipt Reconciliation, KYC Verification
  • Insurance - Branch audit, Doctors Audit, Inspection of Corporate Agents, New Business Investigation
  • Retail- Concurrent Audit, GRN Updation, Internal Audit, Stock Reconciliation
  • Broking - Sub-Broker Inspection, KYC Checking, Document Verification,
  • Managed Services - Asset Verification of ATM's, Due Diligence of Existing ATM Locations
  • Rating Agency - Mystery Shopping, Branch audit
  • Audits: Banks, Compliance, Stock, Due Diligence
  • Billing Software
  • Data entry & Scanning Project