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  • Partner with worldwide leaders in technology
  • Deliver customized CRM driven solutions
  • Highly reliable server technologies
  • Focus on practical systems and technologies
  • Always use branded and licensed equipment, Example. desktops, headsets
  • Tailor infrastructure to meet client and process needs

Technology & Infrastructure

  • Inbound processes – VOIP & TDM, Analog or Digital
  • Outbound processes – Dialer based dialing, Voice loggers
  • Web-hosted client reporting
  • Integrated outbound communication - web, SMS push & pull, automated announcements, email
  • Quality infrastructure tailored to operations needs, Example. work spacing, soundproof, CCTV, access control

Extrusion Prevention Controls & IR strategy

  • 24*7 monitoring of all information transmission channels by dedicated 24*7 Incident response and security monitoring team ( IRSM team)
  • IRSM team responsible for incident prevention, detection, handling , analysis and closure of incidents
  • Formal incident management procedure
  • Web based incident management system for easier manageability of logical and physical security incidents
  • All outbound communication channels (e-mail / web) monitored on 24*7 basis
  • Critical security events / alerts from event log analyzer / Intrusion prevention systems proactively monitored and analyzed
  • Incident management procedure includes disciplinary sanctions as per HR policy

Infrastructure Redundancy and Control Measures

  • Redundant Backup Generators Fire Suppression
  • Raised Floor
  • Proper cable management under the floor HVAC
  • Precision AC for maintaining the temp 20+/-1degC. Humidity and Dust Control
  • Humidity control up to 50+/-5 % RH through PAC. Dust filtration up to 5 micron size of dust particle. Redundant Uninterrupted Power Supplies
  • Two power sockets fed from two different UPS for each rack. Multiple level of Security
  • 2 level of access control for all server rooms (biometric reader) Closed Circuit Camera
  • Monitors the entry and exit of the server room and all aisles on continuous Dedicated earthing system

Innovative Solutions

  • Knowledge Management Tool
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Separate CRM to record other queries information and disposition
  • State of the ART telephony Solution
  • 100% call recording, retrievable and playable
  • Live barging facility to listen to live calls
  • IVR recordings with multiple language capabilities
  • ACD, CRM and IVR based call reports
  • SMS and Email integration
  • Capability of chat and VOIP based calling
  • Voice mail service